Poverty Institute

The Poverty Institute is a hands on two-day conference for educators, health, justice, social service professionals, and community members who want to better understand poverty and to gain tools for making a difference.

Participants will:

  • Learn to communicate more effectively with those living in poverty (e.g., bridging print and oral cultures).
  • Use role play, activities, modeling and dialogue to understand and practice the core concepts.
  • Come away with concrete strategies and materials that you can use right away to make a difference.


Coaching Institute

The Poverty Coaching Institute prepares participants to serve as poverty coaches for their organizations. A Communication Across Barriers poverty coach is trained to conduct workshops for breaking poverty barriers and improving communication and relationships for in-house staff. Coaches serve as on-site experts for educating colleagues, providing leadership for breaking poverty barriers, and developing system wide approaches for improving outcomes for families who live in the war zone of poverty. Poverty coaches will also be trained to conduct Poverty Competency Assessments and assist their organization in developing and implementing customized action plans with measurable results.


If Not Me, Then Who Conference

Do you struggle to connect and understand some of the families and individuals you serve? Would you like to increase your poverty competency skills—improving communication and relationship-building skills? Would you like to develop best practices and tools for breaking poverty barriers, improving outcomes, and changing lives in your community? Then, this is the conference for you!

These highly interactive training sessions—a 4-hour skill-building workshop and 2 hour train-the-trainer session—are designed to improve skill sets for home visitors and those who work directly with people who live in the crisis of poverty. Organization leaders will also benefit as they gain tools for systemic change that is responsive to assisting people to move out and stay out of poverty.

Beegle Speaker Institute (formerly GoldStar)

Have you ever wanted to be part of Dr. Beegle's contemporary war on poverty? Have you wanted to be part of our training team—making a different in your community and state by providing a foundational knowledge of poverty and helping to create paradigm shifts and systemic change?

At the Beegle Speaker Institute, participants gain the skills for training and coaching individuals and organizations to ensure inclusive, responsive systems to truly make a difference for children and families living in the crisis of poverty. After the training, our certified Beegle Speakers may charge for speaking and training using Communication Across Barriers (CAB) materials.