Coaching Institute

After years of requests for a Poverty Coaching Institute, Dr. Donna M. Beegle and the Communication Across Barriers Team have finalized the design of the Communication Across Barriers (CAB) Poverty Coaching Institute. Register today and get ready to join Donna's efforts to ensure authentic opportunities for people to move out and stay out of poverty.

Who should attend: Donna has designed the Poverty Coaching Institute for educators, legal, social service and health professionals, members of faith-based organizations, and citizens who want to provide education and tools for breaking poverty barriers in their organizations or communities.

What: Dr. Donna M. Beegle's Coaching Institute prepares participants to serve as CAB Poverty Coaches in their organizations. A CAB poverty coach is trained to conduct “Poverty 101” sessions as well as “Communicating and Working More Effectively” education sessions.

How: Dr. Donna M. Beegle provides intensive hands on education to ensure participants are competent in providing seminars, workshops, and education for assisting students and families to move out and stay out of poverty.

Why: Professional development trainings are helpful in gaining new insights for breaking poverty barriers. However, professionals often say while the trainings are eye opening, they do not provide the "how to" education and skills for implementing new practices. Teachers get excited about a new strategy, but do not have the tools for implementation. Social workers get excited about a new process, but do not have the support to put the ideas into action. Poverty Coaches will have the education and tools for providing on-going support within their own organizations.

Six Exceptional Take Away Tools: CAB Poverty Coaches receive:

  1. Dr. Beegle's “See Poverty...Be The Difference” resource book
  2. A tool kit that includes a two-hour, five-session dvd training and a companion workbook
  3. A template for the Poverty Competency Assessment and action planning tools
  4. A Quarterly CAB newsletter with the latest research and best practices
  5. Powerpoint and Handout materials for Poverty 101 and Communicating and Working More Effectively with People in Poverty
  6. Participation in two webinars with Dr. Beegle.

Pre Requisite:To be certified as a CAB Coach, participants must have completed one or more of the following:

  • Participated in a training by Dr. Donna M. Beegle
  • Read See Poverty Be The Difference
  • Completed Poverty 101 online course
  • Have attended a two-day Poverty Institute

Certification Requirements: CAB Poverty Coaches are certified for two-years to provide workshops, seminars and consulting regarding poverty 101, Communicating and Working more Effectively, and Poverty Competency Assessments. Coaches are invited to attend a re-certification training to upgrade skills and receive new research and tools for breaking poverty barriers. (note: Re-certification training fee not included in Coaching Institute Fees). Coaches attend re-certification for 1/3 of the cost of a regular Coaching Institute.

Poverty Coaching Institute $695 includes certification, all materials, tools, and takeaways listed above (lodging and travel are not included).