Beegle Speaker Institutes

What Does it Mean to Be a Beegle Speaker?

Communication Across Barriers and Dr. Donna M. Beegle are working hard to ensure no matter what door students and families enter in our communities, they will be treated with dignity and respect. We are assisting organizations to move from an “it’s not our job,” to “if not me, then who?” approach. With responsive systems full of poverty-informed professionals, we can end poverty. We want a movement guided by certified trainers who have a strong foundational knowledge of poverty and its impacts on children and families. Far too many efforts are developed by people who have never lived poverty or studied the history of poverty. We prepare our speakers with a solid ability to educate in ways that create paradigm shifts and systemic change. At the Beegle Speaker Institute, participants will gain the skills for speaking, training, and coaching individuals and organizations to ensure inclusive, responsive systems to truly make a difference for those living in the crisis of poverty. You can become a Beegle Speaker if you:

  • Have passion for breaking poverty barriers and love educating others
  • Have read See Poverty...Be The Difference
  • Have completed the Beegle Poverty Immersion and Certified Coaching Institutes
  • Complete all the research and pre-work for the Beegle Speaker Institute (see pre-work instructions below). You may do this with the CAB Learners Group and have discussions/support from our team and other participants who are studying to be certified or you can do this at your own pace.

Benefits of Being a Beegle Speaker include:

  • Being trained by Dr. Beegle, who has lived in generational poverty and has also researched poverty for 30 years
  • Joining a national team who are all committed to supporting one another and ending poverty
  • Being part of a company who has won an “Ethics in Business Award” and will assist with administration for your speaking jobs
  • Having a speaker photo and bio on the CAB website (after completing the requirements listed in contract)
  • Gaining opportunities (web page, phone calls, and webinars) to build connections with speakers around the country which can increase training possibilities
  • Beegle Speaker Activity Book with three activities for each of the concepts Dr. Beegle has developed to break poverty barriers
  • Referrals — when available — for speaking engagements
  • Discounts on additional training

Once you are a Certified Beegle Speaker:

  • Dr. Beegle will grant you the legal rights to be paid for your trainings. Beegle speakers keep 2/3 of any speaker fees. CAB will deduct 1/3 of the speaker's fees as payment for using Dr. Beegle’s work and developing additional resources for Beegle speakers.
  • Beegle Speakers also have options to purchase CAB materials at reduced rates to provide and/or sell to their audience allowing more revenue from speaking engagements.

Please call us (503) 590-4599 or email with any questions about this event or other training opportunities! Location for Beegle Speaker Institute: TBA

Prework for Becoming a Beegle Speaker:

Becoming a Beegle Speaker is a year-long process with lots of associated prework to help you become the best possible speaker. First, we provide you with a facilitated Learners Group who explore the different reading materials, audio/video materials, and assignments together. During your time together, you will complete all the required readings, conduct two focus groups, write a report, and be prepared to present to the group at the in-person training in January. Each assignment was created by Dr. Beegle to provide you with the grounding you need to make a difference and begin a successful speaking career. The Learners Group meets once a month for 2 hours (meetings are scheduled at mutually agreed upon times--so the schedule is based on learner's needs) and is facilitated by our National Program Director, Elia Moreno.

We are excited to have you join our team.