Portland Poverty Institute Agenda

Poverty Institute Agenda

Day 1

9:00 Registration
9:30 Conference Begins
Donna – My Story and What I Have Learned
All – Your Story and Your Desired Takeaways
Poverty Realities and Impacts:
Defining Poverty
Myths and Stereotypes
History and Facts
What does Poverty Teach?
Poverty in Your Work World: Your Perspectives, Challenges and Current Actions
--- Lunch (on your own) ---
Activity: Your Social Class Experience
Foundation for Making a Difference: Five Key Concepts
Tools for Improving Communication and Relationships
Reflection Activity
Preparing for Day Two: Bill Pay Activity and Reality Check explained

Day 2

9:30 Bill Pay Activity
Learning Styles Inventory
Reality Check Activity
--- Lunch (on your own) ---
Debrief of Reality Check Activity and Link to Actions
Models of Best Practice
Your Action Plan