If Not Me, Then Who Conference

Do you struggle to connect and understand some of the families and individuals you serve? Would you like to increase your poverty competency skills—improving communication and relationship-building skills? Would you like to develop best practices and tools for breaking poverty barriers, improving outcomes, and changing lives in your community? Then, this is the conference for you!


These highly interactive training sessions—a 4-hour skill-building workshop and 2 hour train-the-trainer session—are designed to improve skill sets for home visitors and those who work directly with people who live in the crisis of poverty. Organization leaders will also benefit as they gain tools for systemic change that is responsive to assisting people to move out and stay out of poverty.


4-hour Training Workshop (Price: $99.00)

Full Day [4-hour training plus a 2-hour train-the-trainer session] (Price: $299.00)


Location Date Session
Atlanta, GA January 18, 2019 Four Hour Workshop
Atlanta, GA January 18, 2019 Four Hour Workshop plus Two Hour Train the Trainer


Note: To pay via purchase order, please call 503-590-4599.