Submitted by Donna on Tue, 11/17/2020 - 15:04
Donna Beegle speaking on podcast

I was asked to do a podcast for Umqua Bank on “poverty and money.” The first question from the interviewer was, Dr. Beegle, I don’t think poverty is really about money, is it? My answer, well it kinda is. Money determines if you have nutrition and health care. Money determines your zip code which research shows determines your economic future. Money shapes whether you attend the “good schools” or the ones that middle class people would never send their kids. Money determines if you have utilities, water, garbage service, access to internet and technology. Because we have segregation by social class, money decides the social class of your friends. Money impacts how well your family are taken care of the the traumas you will experience watching your loved ones do with out basic needs. The podcast went viral and I was contacted by so many people who said they had never heard of generational poverty. People who now that they know, want to help. Enjoy and please share!

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