Dr. Shariff Abdullah, J.D.

Shariff Abdullah

Portland, OR

Shariff Abdullah, J.D., is a consultant, speaker, author and advocate for inclusivity and societal transformation.   His mission is simple: to create a world that works for all living things. Shariff consults with people and organizations on the leading edge of change, including government agencies, businesses and social service organizations.

As Director of Commonway Institute, he has visited over 43 countries and over 100 distinct cultures, giving him a unique perspective on our global human and spiritual issues, and a vision which spans culture and class.  He has proven experience in working with all peoples and in many different situations, bringing harmony in conditions of actual or potential conflict and discord. In addition, his lived experiences of growing up with racism and generational poverty, his legal background as a successful attorney, and his travels to different lands provide him with an authentic voice for which to speak about change and transformation.

His books on leadership and societal change include the award-winning Creating a World That Works for All, and Seven Seeds for a New Society.

You can listen to Dr. Abdullah speak at the TEDx Concordia event at the University of Portland from March 2012. His presentation was entitled, "A World for All - It's Our Choice."


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