Loredia Nunn-Dixon

Loredia Nunn-Dixon

Quad Cities, IL

Located in Rock Island, Illinois, Loredia Nunn-Dixon has served individuals in the crisis of poverty for over 26 years. To help fulfill this mission, she is the director of the Open Door program, which is operated by the Illinois Department of Human Services and housed within Skip-a-Long Family and Community Services. In addition, she serves as a navigator director for the Opportunities Community of the Quad Cities, which focuses on poverty awareness and helping individuals to move out and stay out of poverty. She also is a poverty coach under the leadership of Dr. Donna Beegle of Communication Across Barriers. Loredia is a licensed gospel minister.

Mrs. Nunn-Dixon attained her associate degree from Black Hawk College of Moline, Illinois; her Bachelor of Arts degree from Western Illinois University of Macomb, Illinois; and is pursuing her master’s degree from St. Ambrose University of Davenport, Iowa. She is also currently working on her theological diploma from Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, Illinois. Her studies consist of religion and counseling. She is a graduate of “Know Your Bible” from Church of God Bible Ministry of Burlington, Iowa.

Loredia is the wife of Pastor Rev. Larry D. Dixon and the mother of four children (Tremond, Lamond, Laress, and Larry Antwon Jr.) and resides in Rock Island, Illinois

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