Kim McMann

Kim McMann has over two decades of experience connecting people to the resources they need through her work in non-profit organizations. For more than ten years Kim worked with families, teachers, young people and other community organizations in her role as Head of Youth Services at an upstate New York public library. She has also worked with a number of special populations including adults with disabilities, non-traditional college students, at risk youth and people experiencing food insecurity. Kim has worked throughout the Hudson Valley in New York as well as in the Berkshires of Massachusetts and she has presented at national conferences in Washington DC and San Francisco, CA. Kim has partnered with Gold Star Speaker Loredia Nunn-Dixon to present at regional and statewide events in New York. In addition to being a Certified Gold Star Speaker for Dr. Donna Beegleā€™s Communication Across Barriers, Kim has a BA in Communication, an MS in Education and is a Certified Community Action Professional. She has received the Citizen of the Year Award in Greene County, NY as well as a statewide Community Partnering Leadership Award in Massachusetts.

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