Elia Hernandez-Moreno

Elia Hernandez-Moreno

Amarillo, TX

Elia Hernandez-Moreno is the author of “Living Intentionally,” a book that depicts her own personal journey and hard earned insights on the importance of adding value to the lives of others in just 90 seconds. She is also author of newly published “Permission to Rest” a guide book that takes you from Compassion Fatigue to Compassion Satisfaction.

Elia serves as the National Program Director for Dr. Donna M. Beegle's organization, Communication Across Barriers, a national and international consulting firm that serves professionals, organizations, and communities on breaking the cycle of poverty in America. Elia also holds the position of National Director of Community Outreach for the No Excuses University Network of Schools, a growing network of 250 schools who promote college readiness for all students, especially those living in poverty. 

Elia serves on many boards and committees including a state board, Texas Christian Community Development Board. Elia is bilingual, and a master at assisting organizations and individuals who seek to implement fresh ways to connect with those living in poverty.  Elia was selected as a 2015 USA Characters Unites Award Winner by USA Network, the winner of the 2016 Suddenlink Community Impact Award as well as bestowed the privilege of being named the 2016 Amarillo Beta Sigma Phi Woman of the Year. Most recently she was honored with the 2017 Amarillo Hispanic Heritage Lifetime Achievement Award.

You can view Elia speaking at the 2016 TEDx Lubbock Women's Talk at the Legacy Event Center in Lubbock, Texas.

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