Cerigwyn Parsons

Parsons, Cerigwyn

Throughout her life, Cerigwyn’s heart has always been connected to the “underdog” - whether a person, a group of people, a place in a city or a misunderstood population - she was motivated to serve, to help, to support and to love. Looking back, she can see how jobs, people, and places have shaped that career that she has today. Her career has taken her from rural to urban settings almost always focused on serving and supporting children and families living in extreme poverty. From Head Start in rural Tennessee to a charter school in an under-resourced community in Las Vegas to a national organization serving Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies around the United States, she’s had the privilege of developing a deep connection to individuals from around the country with a focus on working to refine and strengthen programs.

Today, as the co-owner of CM Consulting Group, Cerigwyn collaborates with non-profit organizations around the country and is able to utilize her experiences over the past 20+ years to help leaders strengthen their programs one step at a time. She is passionate about supporting leaders as they invest in and serve their local communities. As her business partner, Melissa (the “M" in CM Consulting Group) and Cerigwyn walk alongside leaders - their goal is to help them identify strengthens and opportunities within their program processes. Most recently, Cerigwyn has had the privilege of becoming a Gold Star Trainer in partnership with Dr. Donna Beegle, at Communication Across Barriers. Through this opportunity, she is thrilled to be able to lead and train organizations about how to impact the crisis of poverty through their programmatic work.

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