Communication Across Barriers, Inc., is dedicated to broadening and improving opportunities for all people who live in the war zone of poverty.

Our far-reaching goals are:

  • Assist people living in the crisis of poverty to move out and to stay out of poverty. We provide education and tools to remove the shame, rebuild the confidence and hope, reduce the isolation, and assist people to the education and skills needed to earn a living.

  • Empower communities and organizations to “fight poverty, not the people who live in it.” We illuminate real and structural causes of poverty and provide life-changing information that shatters common myths and stereotypes about people who live in poverty.

  • Offer research-based strategies and insider perspectives for improving relationships, communication, and opportunities.

  • Develop an army of speakers and trainers who can educate and assist organizations in becoming poverty informed.

  • Provide models and step-by-step programs that increase a poverty-informed, community-wide approach to fighting poverty.

  • Educate and engage people who are not in poverty with tools and avenues for making a difference in their own communities.