Poverty Survival Skills

Generational Poverty Survival Skills

The following are skills that you must know to survive in generational poverty. How would you do? Place a check by the skills you already have.

  1. You have no money. How would you get by for three weeks while waiting for your first paycheck?
  2. How would you get food stamps or welfare assistance?
  3. Where can you cash a check without any identification? How much will it cost?
  4. Where can you get a loan on your car title? How much will it cost?
  5. From which Dumpsters can you get returnable cans and bottles without being caught?
  6. How can you get tons of newspaper and cardboard to sell at recycling centers? Where can you sell these items? How much will you get?
  7. What would it take for you to move out of your house with only seventy-two hours’ notice?
  8. What would you do if you were evicted and had no money to move?
  9. What would you do to survive without garbage service, utilities, or a telephone?
  10. How would you survive winter nights without heat?
  11. Where would you go for help if your utilities were being shut off?
  12. How would you show “proof” that you live in a neighborhood that you really do not live in in order to get better services?
  13. How would you go for several days without food?
  14. Which stores will let you get food and pay for it later?
  15. How do you keep food cold without a refrigerator?
  16. How would you prepare a meal without owning a stove?
  17. How can you use a butcher knife as a potato peeler?
  18. How could you get your car fixed without any money for parts or a mechanic to help?
  19. How would you feel if you had to drive with no license or insurance?
  20. Explain how to fix a toothache with Super Glue.
  21. Describe how to get free prescription-drug samples at an emergency room if you are sick.
  22. How would you deal with waiting for hours for health or social services in a room filled with people
  23. who are hungry, homeless, sick, and desperate?
  24. Which churches and agencies give free clothes and shoes?
  25. Which churches and agencies have free clothes that are unstained and free of holes?
  26. Describe how you can wash clothes without money, laundry soap, or a machine.
  27. Explain how to use torn-up clothing for toilet paper, sanitary napkins, etc.
  28. How can you find out what jail your relative has been taken to and the court dates?
  29. What are the rules for visiting people in prison?
  30. Where would you find a bail bondsman to get a relative out of jail?
  31. Explain how to give off an aura of violence to avoid trouble.
  32. Describe how to smoothly change the subject to avoid answering humiliating questions.
  33. Explain how you would feel if every day there were a crisis; e.g., you, a family member, or someone else you love had been arrested, evicted, had the heat shut off, were sick, had been kicked out of school, were out of food or had your car towed.
  34. Would you know how to laugh if you were hungry, being evicted, and had nowhere to go?
  35. How would you entertain a group of friends with no food, drinks, money, or transportation?